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Motor insurance

Motor insurance with the health of passengers in mind.

In order to provide the vehicle and its passengers with comprehensive protection, one motor insurance is not enough. Accident, battery failure, broken tire, car theft - in each of these situations a product with a different protection range will work. Below we present the types of motor insurance available from the Insurers.


A collision is one of the most common and costly causes of damage reported by drivers. Depending on who is the perpetrator, the claim is liquidated against a different insurance risk. The rule is simple: the victim's car is repaired under third party liability insurance. However, compulsory motor insurance no longer covers the losses of the driver who caused the accident.

In order to obtain compensation, he must already report the damage from the comprehensive cover - if he bought it because comprehensive is a voluntary insurance. As you can see, for full protection against the financial consequences of a cull, two motor insurance is needed: OC and CC.


If the accident resulted in a personal injury, then - similarly to property damage - it will be compensated from the perpetrator's liability insurance. The situation is different if the perpetrator's own health suffered as a result of the accident.

Comprehensive will not help here, because the subject of its insurance is the car, not the driver. In such cases, another motor insurance is also useful - accident insurance, i.e. insurance of the consequences of accidents. The benefit under this policy can be obtained both by the driver and his passengers (regardless of whether they have already received the benefit under third party liability insurance).


You must have found yourself in a situation where you needed help on the road. The reasons could be different: car breakdown, lack of fuel, lost keys, or a wheel to be replaced. Fortunately, there is motor insurance that provides drivers with service, medical and information assistance in just such cases.

As part of the assistance, the insurer will arrange and cover the costs of repairing the vehicle on-site, tow the vehicle to the indicated workshop, help replace the wheel, and even provide accommodation, medical transport, and childcare - depending on the selected scope of insurance.

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Always check the liability insurance of the vehicle you borrow from another person.

Each motor vehicle must have third party liability insurance. If you cause an accident using someone else's vehicle without third party liability insurance - you will cover the costs of compensation. The Insurance Guarantee Fund will pay compensation but will claim all costs from you (the driver) and from the owner of the vehicle.

When you are buying a used vehicle - carefully check the vehicle liability policy.

You take over the used vehicle liability insurance, but you can opt-out of it. If you want to use the policy, check: whether the policy is paid in full, whether the policy includes accident insurance, whether the premium will not increase upon recalculation. The insurer will require you to pay further installments for the civil liability and may adversely increase the premium for the policy.

The rules of third party liability insurance are the same in all insurance companies.

Compulsory third party liability insurance means that insurers cannot limit your rights under third party liability insurance.

If the insurer wants to stand out among other offers - it can do it by giving you better insurance conditions than other insurance companies - never worse than the act stipulates.

The injured party always has the right to demand the payment of compensation from you in court

How to avoid it?

When buying third party liability insurance, also follow the Insurer's reputation. Choose an insurance company that has no problems with the payment of claims and has a good reputation. The aggrieved party will be satisfied because the Insurer will quickly and efficiently pay him the compensation under your third party liability policy.

  • You must terminate your previous vehicle liability insurance policy when you change insurance.

It does not matter that you buy a new policy in another insurance company - you must notify the previous TU about the termination of the civil liability insurance contract. The vehicle liability insurance is automatically extended for another year if you do not terminate the cover before the end of the cover. The exception is third party liability insurance, purchased together with a used vehicle - you do not have to terminate such a policy.

  • You must submit the termination of the third-party liability insurance in writing.

Remember that the insurer only accepts the written form of termination of the third-party liability insurance policy. You can send the termination notice by post, e-mail, or submit it to the Agent who sells the insurance of your Insurance Company.

  • You can terminate your liability insurance policy for a vehicle bought from another person.

Vehicle liability insurance purchased together with a used vehicle can be terminated at any time before the end of the insurance contract.

  • A person selling a used vehicle cannot terminate the civil liability insurance.

The sold vehicle liability insurance is valid for the new owner of the vehicle until the policy expires. Only the new owner of the vehicle (buyer) may terminate the civil liability of the previous owner and conclude a new insurance contract at any TU.

  • Exclusions in insurance apply to both the perpetrator and the aggrieved party.

If you drive a car under the influence of alcohol (while under the influence of alcohol) and an accident occurs due to the fault of another driver - the insurer will assess the impact of your intoxication on the incident and reduce your compensation. What's more - you will not receive compensation from any policy you took out because you were intoxicated.

  • You will receive compensation for the suffering of your relatives from the civil liability insurance policy of the perpetrator.

If due to the fault of the perpetrator, a relative dies, the insurance company of the perpetrator or the court may award compensation for the suffering and harm suffered. The court may also award compensation for the deterioration of the life situation of relatives.

  • Civil liability insurance of the perpetrator of a road accident will cover compensation for the harm suffered.

From the accident perpetrator's liability insurance, we can obtain compensation for the suffering and harm we suffered as a result of the accident due to the fault of the perpetrator.

  • The perpetrator's civil liability insurance will cover all costs when adjudicating on the damage.

The insurer of the perpetrator of the road accident is obliged to cover all costs necessary to settle the damage. If the health of the injured person suffered in the accident, all tests are performed at the expense of TU. The insurer also reimburses the cost of travel to a medical adjudicating committee.

Vehicle liability insurance is a necessary minimum for the driver.

A third party liability insurance policy is necessary, but it is still not enough to get compensation for your own damage caused by your fault. The third-party liability policy you bought does not protect your vehicle, your health, and your life. You will only be covered by Auto insurance, accident insurance, and other additional insurance.

What affects the price of third party liability insurance?

Each insurance company keeps a close eye on its potential clients. Some of them are more desirable, others less. And although each insurer may reward other factors by offering a lower car insurance premium, some of the elements are taken into account by each of them.

  • - data on the owner of the vehicle - the lowest premiums are proposed to experienced, damage-free drivers, and the highest to young (usually up to 29 years of age) and those who have had a loss (especially caused in the last year);
  • - driver's place of residence - cities with a high population density and those in which statistically more accidents occur, will always be more expensive in terms of the price of motor insurance;
  • - car parameters - make, model, year of production, and engine capacity. In the case of young drivers, car tuning may increase the insurance price.

The third-party liability insurance guarantees that the insurer will cover the damages that you cause to other road users from your policy. The insurance covers the property, health, and life of people injured in an accident that was your fault.

Is the comprehensive cover needed?

One of the most frequently chosen additional policies is comprehensive cover. Unfortunately, customers often do not know how to choose it and whether they need it at all. It is worth knowing that only comprehensive cover can, for example, guarantee the payment of compensation in the event of car theft. And if you cause damage to your car yourself (e.g. you scratch a door on a bollard in a parking lot), a Comprehensive cover will also come to your aid.

Buying a comprehensive policy requires that you carefully read the terms of protection because they are different in each company. In practice, this means that each company may offer a different scope of the policy, in addition, at a different price. There are several important provisions in comprehensive cover contracts that you should pay special attention to.

  • deductible - the amount or percentage value of the damage that the vehicle owner is obliged to cover from his own pocket;
  • depreciation of parts (wear of parts) - in the event of a loss, the insurer has the right to deduct the percentage specified in the contract from the value of new parts, on the basis of their wear;
  • integral franchise - the value of damage specified in amount or percentage, below which the society will not pay compensation;
  • car repair method - cost estimate or service,

sum insured - the upper limit of the insurance undertaking's liability, i.e. the maximum amount of compensation that the aggrieved party may receive; is divided into fixed sum insured (unchanging value of the vehicle, determined on the day of signing the comprehensive cover contract) and variable sum insured (value of the vehicle as at the date of the loss).

Even a small deductible or parts depreciation can lower the price of the policy, while the coverage will not change. However, the removal of these provisions may increase the price of car insurance. Regardless of which solution you decide on, remember to always use the scope of the comprehensive cover policy, not the price.

Assistance - how to choose?

Assistance is a voluntary policy that provides the insured with service, information, or medical assistance. It is especially useful in the following situations:

  • immobilization of the vehicle on the road,
  • after a failure,
  • after a collision or accident.

Each company may offer a different scope of insurance, so it is worth checking the terms of the contract in detail before buying it. Insurers often add the basic version of Assistance to the compulsory third party liability protection for free or for a small fee. However, if you need a wide range of support services, consider purchasing a more extensive package.

Important: For example, to travel abroad, it will be necessary to extend protection beyond the territory of the US.

Regardless of the type of Assistance you need, consider purchasing it as a bundle with other motor insurance. The rule is that car insurance sold as a package is always cheaper than each policy separately.

Where to buy the right motor insurance?

In the case of third party liability insurance, it is worth buying a policy where it is the cheapest. There is no better way to find the best price than to compare the offers of various insurers. Each company may propose a completely different price for exactly the same scope of protection.

The insurance calculator will calculate the best offers of a dozen or so insurance companies in a few minutes and thus allow you to save on your policy. In the online comparison engine, you can check the prices of the third party liability insurance itself and various car insurance packages.