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Insurance company masters gimmicks in contracts, so be careful.

It should be noted that insurance in different companies is often very different. And accordingly, it becomes necessary to choose the most optimal option. Moreover, the cost of a particular insurance product is not always the determining factor.

It is much more important to correctly assess the reliability of an insurance broker, focus on the formation of their authority and image among clients. Obviously, in modern conditions, not all companies really seriously support these components of the insurance business.

It is no secret that almost every insurance company strives to sell the largest possible number of its products and at the same time pay as little as possible for insured events. Because of this, there is extremely significant competition in this market, and therefore, when choosing one or another insurance product, it is necessary to pay attention to absolutely all the nuances that the insurance contract will contain.

Among other things, it is extremely important that the chosen insurance broker was sufficiently reliable. Those familiar with the market will remember how hundreds of insurance companies went bankrupt in 2008 due to poor management of reserve funds and thus unable to pay insurance.

Today this issue is no less acute. And therefore, it is worth contacting only those companies that have been working on the market for a sufficient amount of time and are as reliable as possible.

After choosing a suitable company for insurance, you should proceed to choose an insurance product. Obviously, this choice should be as reasonable as possible. In the case when voluntary insurance is carried out, this moment is extremely important.

In this case, it is necessary to weigh the likelihood of an insured event, the expected loss if it occurs, as well as the amount of compensation paid for loss and, accordingly, the cost of insurance. It can be noted that the premium for insurance, namely its cost, is the last point to pay attention to.

In general, it should be said that insurance must be used. This is due to the fact that catastrophic events cannot be predicted, and when they occur, the losses are often colossal. And therefore it is imperative to use the services of insurance brokers.

So, be sure to stick on the rear window information that the car is insured by such and such a company (usually issued by companies). This will save yourself from scammers specializing in fake accidents.

Warning: All of the following is the most common for all insurance companies, but each specific may have its own differences and peculiarities. Therefore, carefully read the insurance rules of the company in which you are going to insure. And remember that violation of these rules will result in refusal to pay, and your ignorance will not be taken into account.

Never try to cheat an insurance company. There is a security service in each and, believe me, they work head and shoulders above our power structures. In the event that this is confirmed, then you will no longer be able to insure in any insurance company, there will always be a way to refuse you or raise the tariff so that insurance will lose all meaning for you.

In the event that the car is insured in more than one company, upon the occurrence of an insured event, you will be paid an insurance indemnity by agreement between the companies (this provision applies only to property insurance and does not apply to personal and liability insurance). For example - 50 to 50 or in other proportions. Do not try to get 100% from two or more at once, practice shows that this is extremely rare.

The policy can be both in rubles and in currency equivalent (paid in rubles at the exchange rate of the Central Bank on the day of payment), which must be reflected in the policy.

It is very important that there are no blank columns in the policy, in the event that their filling is not required in your case, there should be a dash there. Remember that the insurance is valid only in the territory specified in the policy.

Most likely, a car with one set of keys and one key fob from the alarm system, as well as a car with duplicate documents and which has changed several owners in a short time, will not be accepted for insurance or will be accepted at an increased rate.

If, after receiving the policy, you have any changes related to the conditions reflected in the policy, inform the insurance company about it, otherwise there may be trouble at the stage of indemnification. Only a person who has a documented property interest in this vehicle can be insured. A handwritten power of attorney is not such a document.

Vehicle insurance can be aggregate (compensation paid for each insured event, events, but not reflected in the calculation, the insurer is obliged to reimburse them.

In case of complete loss or theft of the vehicle, the insurance indemnity will be paid in full minus depreciation for each month (on average, from 10% to 20% per year, depending on age).

If there is an accident, immediately call the insurance company and try not to promise anything, not to confirm or acknowledge anything, especially if it entailed serious consequences. You can read more about how to behave in an accident here

In case of total loss or theft of the vehicle after the payment of the insurance indemnity, the right reduces the total amount of the indemnity. For example, if you have already received, say, 1/3 of the insured value and your car has been stolen, then you will receive only 2/3 of the insured value. But you can pay a small amount after the first insured event and make the insurance amount full again). In addition, insurance can be non-aggregate. Those. no matter how many times the insured event occurs, the insured amount will always be 100%

At checkout, you can choose a method of compensation for damage. For example repairs at the Insurer's or dealer's workshop, repairs at the insured's workshop, in cash as calculated by an independent expert, in cash as calculated by the insurer. Depending on this, the tariff may be less or more.

If you have the funds, then it is worth buying yourself a VIP policy, as a rule, it includes additional services, for example, a lawyer's visit to the scene, etc.

Find out the number of the dispatch service, in most companies, by calling there directly from the scene of the incident, you can get advice on how to behave; in case of conflict situations, they can promptly send security officers or riot police.

In the event that hidden damage was revealed during the repair process, resulting from the insurance property is transferred to the insurer. In the event that the culprit paid you some kind of compensation, the insurance company will pay you insurance compensation minus this amount. If the stolen car is found, the policyholder can return it to himself after the return of the insurance compensation to the insurance company, but this is only if he himself wants it.

In the event that you left the wrecked car, and it was then dismantled, you may not be paid the insurance indemnity in full, since all the rules say that you must take measures to save or preserve the insured vehicle.

When concluding an agreement on motor civil liability, those persons who will operate the vehicle are entered into the policy. If at the time of the occurrence of the insured event, a person not specified in the policy was driving, then there will be no payment.

Read carefully whether legal fees will be reimbursed may come in handy

Liability insurance does not cover losses due to commercial losses. For example, lost profits due to violation of delivery dates.

In the event that you re-insure and there were no insurance events for the previous period, you can count on a discount.

In principle, all of the above should be told and explained in detail by the one who concludes an insurance contract with you. Therefore, my advice to you, approach the choice of this person no less seriously than the choice of an insurance company.

This will determine how much time and nerves you will spend when receiving insurance compensation. Will this person be your representative in the insurance company, always ready to come to your aid, or is he only interested in his percentage, which he will immediately forget about you. In addition, as a representative of the company, he will control and where you need to defend your interests in indisputable situations. Do not be lazy, go through your friends, it will not hurt you anyway, but it can help and very cool.

Choosing an insurance company for your Auto insurance.

Before making a decision in favor of one or another insurance company, we strongly recommend that you collect reviews from friends, study Internet resources on the topic, and check financial indicators. And now about everything in order.

When preparing for a meeting with an insurance agent, it will not be superfluous to collect information about companies from those people who have already insured there. Among the questions that you should ask are the following: how much time has passed from the moment of the accident to the insurance payment, what documents the insurer additionally required, whether the damage was paid in full.

When looking at financial indicators, a good sign is the simultaneous growth of premiums and insurance reserves. In the event that information about the assets of an insurance company is kept closed, one should refrain from cooperating with such a company.

According to experts, companies with an unbalanced insurance portfolio, as well as companies that are closely associated with any bank, need to bypass the side.

One of the most important criteria for a company's reliability is the presence of a reinsurer. In this capacity, a financial group may act, which assumes obligations to settle some of the claims in case of problems.

So what do you do after you have a list of three to five candidate companies ready? Call them in turn with a request to provide you with a calculation for a specific car with the same parameters. Let us know that you would also like to see sample contracts. Several questions will be fundamental here. Specify from the contract in which cases the insurance company has the right to refuse to pay you, whether there are restrictions for the insurance company on the timing of the decision on the insured event, as well as the payment of compensation, how the damage will be calculated.

Beware of the insurance company that offer policies that are 20-30% below the market average.

Insurance gimmicks.

Before signing a contract with an insurance company, be sure to submit it to a lawyer for verification. This precaution is due to the fact that many insurance companies use the gaps in the legislation for their own personal gain. At the moment, it is premature to say that the activities of insurance companies are fully regulated by the Financial Services Commission.

Many clients fall into masterly traps in contracts without bothering to study the document thoroughly. Particular attention should be paid to those points that are prescribed in contracts in small print. Typically, they outline situations that allow insurance companies to avoid payments. For example, companies willingly avoid payments in cases where there was a violation of traffic rules on the part of the client - a car left in the wrong place was stolen or mutilated.

Many companies stipulate in the documents an obligation for the owner of the car, according to which he is obliged to keep the car in the evening in a guarded parking lot. However, the very definition of "paid parking" in the legislation is absent.

At the stage of calculating the damage, there is an even greater number of misunderstandings and frauds on the part of the insurance company. In cases where the contract does not stipulate that the calculation of damage is carried out on the basis of the calculation of the official service stations, the damage, as a rule, is calculated by the company representative, relying on the reduced tariffs. As a result, the client receives a sum of money to repair the car, which is much lower than market prices for spare parts and to pay for the work of car service technicians. Close attention should be paid to the place in the contract, where the time frame during which the insurance company undertakes to review the documents and make the payment must be clearly assigned.