Friday, January 22, 2021
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Insuring Marine Cargo

Marine insurance provides protection to a shipping company against liability for damages that occur undersea. In case of an accident, marine insurance covers all damages or loss to vessels, crews, cargo, facilities, and any...

Four Different Types of Homeowners Insurance Policies

The phrase fire insurance basically refers to any type of home insurance that takes care of damages and repairs caused by fire. Most policies offered by insurers do come with some sort of fire...
liability insurance

Do You Need Liability Insurance?

Liability insurance is just like auto insurance. It protects your investments and your personal property and protects you against legal claims. Liability insurance is part of our general liability system of risk management to...
social Insurance

An Overview of Social Security

Social insurance is simply a concept where the state intervenes into the private insurance market so as to guarantee a specific group of people is sufficiently covered or protected against any unforeseen risk of...
insurance growth

Insurance Growth Rates and the Distribution of Wealth

Insurance Development is one of the key drivers for economic growth in India. The key driver of economic growth is agriculture, which in turn feeds the base of the Indian economy. Agriculture is not...